grey cozy

Sadness can be like an embrace sometimes.

The Memory Police by Yōko Ogawa

themes: loss, dystopia, magical realism

There's something about a world that exists in a haze that is both haunting and comforting. Something about being one of a few who holds memories that everyone else has forgotten.

Satellite Love by Genki Ferguson

themes: childhood, loneliness, death, magical realism, sci-fi

A kid loner talking to stars and an imaginary friend. Reading this is like spending your days in perpetual dawn, when no one else is awake and you feel like the only person in the world.

Normal People by Sally Rooney

themes: relationships, university life, twenties

Following the decline of a relationship built on mutual loneliness that is so characteristic of being a teen and the growing up that happens after. Rooney knows how to write realistic dialogue that includes all the pauses and non-verbal replies and awkwardness that is often hard to express in words. It's familiar.